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  5. "הן מגלחות הכל."

"הן מגלחות הכל."

Translation:They shave everything.

August 9, 2016



It is הן so it could be Hungarian women, who shave everything so hair doesn't get in the way of the mikveh waters


Why isn't it, "הן מגלחות את הכל" (with the את)? Also, when translating from the hebrew, could you say "they shave it all" rather than "they shave everything"? (I'm wondering because Duo rejected it)


The word הכל allows omission of the את, though doesn't require it, so both versions work.

"They shave it all" would be more accurately translated to "הן מגלחות את כולו/כולה", to account for the pronoun. But it might be acceptable here. Report and have the moderators decide.


Good idea... Is there a way to report once you've moved on from that question....??


I've been studying Hebrew for over a year now and I still don't understand the rules with את!


When something is definite, has the article (the/ ה) in Hebrew and is the object od the sentence, then you use את. (Thats my understanding)




Maybe they were itchy


Not french girls?


We don't know from the sentence what they are shaving, therefore, no את. If the sentence were

אנחנו מגלחים את הכל ברוש

then we know what the הכל is and put the את.


As Naftali wrote, both הכל and את הכל work here.

Not sure what you meant by את הכל ברוש. Did you mean by any chance "the head"? Then, it would be הראש, not ברוש. But there is another thing - if you want to say "whole head", you'd say את כל הראש. You can't have anything after את הכל, unless it's a subordinate clause.


Well, I thought Duolingo-Troll wanted to illustrate a point, Lewert Glinert (§5.1) makes too: I eat anything, i.e. I am not a picky eater, but אֲנִי אוֹכֵל אֶת הַכֹּל I eat everything, i.e. all that is there on the table. The אֶת makes the statement more specific. PS. רוֹשׁ is hemlock.


Sorry guys. Yeah, meant ראש. Just trying to say "We shave everything on the head." (As in every hair on the head or every place on the head where hair grows)

Btw, Ingeborg, you did a favor for me I could not respond to a few days ago. Thanks for giving it a shot. The term "fellow creatures" has long been problematic for me as well. I did throw a lingot your way.


I was at the beach the other day, i understand this statement completely!


Now I'm just imagining a band of rumen with razors roaming the streets, shaving everything they see.

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