"Where is the toy?"

Translation:Hol van a játék?

August 9, 2016



Why is "Hol a játék?" wrong? (Ugye, nem mindig tesszük hozzá a létigét, anélkül is helyesnek kéne lennie... :) )

August 13, 2018


Is jatek both a game and a toy? Because it seems like two different things being translated both as jatek

August 9, 2016


Well, it is definitely not game the deer, wolf and bear.

It can be any physical toy, board game, whatever.

Children's games that they play in the school yard are also "játék".

The games in sports are not "játék". They are "játszma".

The Olympic Games are "olimpiai játékok".

A play in a theatre is "színjáték".

Generally, "toy", "game" and "play" can all be related to "játék".

August 9, 2016


Yes, it can be both. "játék" as a material object is "toy", "játék" as an activity is "game".

February 2, 2019


Can you say "a játék hol van?"

August 27, 2016


Sure. :)

June 24, 2017


Why is 'Hol a játék van' wrong?

September 8, 2017


Question words (or question phrases) always need to be in focus, i.e. in front of the verb stem. Here, "hol van" needs to stay together, so the possible answers here are:

  • Hol van a játék?
  • A játék hol van?
September 8, 2017
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