"Zsuzsa ritkán lát szállodákat."

Translation:Zsuzsa rarely sees hotels.

August 9, 2016

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What is wrong with "Zsuzsa seldom sees hotels"


Nothing, basically, but that word is used rather... scarcely.


Accepted now (Oct 18)


Perhaps she works in one.


Sometimes answers with "any" are accepted, other times they are not accepted. In this instance, why is it not correct to say "Zsuzsa rarely sees any hotels" ?


It's a good translation, it's probably just not in the database yet. You should report it.


I think, that my answer: Zsuzsa sees seldom hotels, should be accepted for: Zsuzsa ritkán lát szállodákat.. What do you think?
One of the "correct" answers was: Zsuzsa sees seldom rarely. ??? But that's definitely wrong and I reported it.


"Zsuzsa sees seldom rarely" is fun. :D
A small problem with your suggestion: like Hungarian, English likes to have its adverbs in front of the verbs. "Zsuzsa seldom sees hotels" would be better.


Yes, I'm still making it wrong. Thank you!


Why does it sound like the speaker is saying "retka" instead of "retkan"? Is the "n" not pronounced for some reason?


The word is ritkán, with an 'i'. The 'n' isn't as audible here because an 'l' is following immediately after. Those are similar sounds formed in similar places of the mouth, so they influence each other.


Yes I know the correct spelling. I was spelling out the sounds I was hearing to clarify my question.

I have trouble accepting your answer. It seems quite easy to say "ritkán lát" without dropping the "n"

Dropping word endings like this makes it difficult for a beginner like me to write out what is being said. It would be nice to here these audio questions read slower.


ritkan sounds more like ritka as the n is nor heard .


------ i hope you reported that there is a defect in the audio . . .

Big 18 nov 20

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