"The girl eats one lemon and two tomatoes."

Translation:הילדה אוכלת לימון אחד ושתי עגבניות.

August 9, 2016

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I do not understand the order of adjectives that define the number of objects. First after the noun and then before it?


"One" is an irregular number that comes after.


When do we use שתי vs שתיים?


adjective -- שתי noun -- שתיים


This is not correct at all. The difference between שתיים and שתי is that when you use "two" alone in a sentence, you use שתיים, and if you talk about two of something, you use שתי. Example:

Q: How many tomatoes do you want? A: Two. כמה עגבניות אתה רוצה? שתיים.

Q: What are you eating? A: Two tomatoes. מה אתה אוכל? שתי עגבניות.

So, you can never use שתי alone, and you can't say שתיים עגבינות. The same rule applies to the masculine forms שניים and שני.


But tomatoes is a noun


What is the grammar rule for why vav "and" is sometimes pronounced "oo" instead of the more common "ve", "vah", etc.? I knew intuitively that ושתי was "ooshtai" but didn't know why...


This is the answer to your question from another thread:

A connecting vav (meaning 'and') is pronounced as ve (rarely va, vi) in all cases, and u in the following two cases:

  1. Before a shva consonant. While this is hard to explain at this point in the course, think of it as two consecutive consonants, for example: ugvarim (וגברים) 'and men', ushmone (ושמונה) 'and eight'. There are cases where a shva consonant is not followed by another consonant, but ignore those for now.

  2. Before the letters ב, ו, מ, פ, for example: uferot (ופרות) 'and fruits', uMoshe (ומשה) 'and Moses'.


In which case it has to be שתי and in which case שתיים


When the number denotes an amount - שתי. Two tomatoes. Two girls. Two boats. When the number is counting or as a context free number - שתיים. It's two o'clock - השעה שתיים. One two three - אחת שתיים שלוש. How many boats did you see? Two. כמה סירות ראית? שתיים.


This is funny and interesting at the same time. Thank you for the explanation.


הילדה אוכלת לימון אחד ושתי עגבניות marked as wrong and no chnce to finish the lesson, please fix


Is it wrong to say: עגבניות שתיים?


Can I say אחת לימון That is, why the numeral takes different position for the lemon and the tomatoes?


"One" is irregular


תודה רבה לך :)

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הילדה אוכלת לימון אחד ועגבנייה


Did you have a question? Because what you wrote is incorrect - it says "two tomatoes" and yours says "a tomato".

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