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  5. "Do you love Aberystwyth?"

"Do you love Aberystwyth?"

Translation:Dych chi'n caru Aberystwyth?

August 9, 2016



Everyone loves Aberystwyth.

[deactivated user]

    why is "do you" wyt ti'n one minute and dych chi'n the next ?


    'Wyt ti ' is the informal singular.

    'Dych chi' is the formal singular and the plural form for both formal and informal.


    It's just like French: 'wyt ti' is 'es-tu' and 'dych chi' is 'ĂȘtes-vous'. Scots Gaelic (but not Irish) has a similar arrangement. Some other languages have a somewhat similar, but not identical arrangement. 'Ti' was singular and 'chi' was plural. But the plural is now used for the singular when being polite. English has now abandoned the singular (art thou) completely but you find in Shakespeare. So the answer to the question is simply that they have to teach you both forms.


    I've never been. Why does everyone love Aberystwyth?


    Attractive University town on the coast, with mountains, independent shops, served by a railway going right in to the town....what, as they say, is not to like?!


    Couldnt rwyt ti be right if talking to someone familiar. Do we assume it is formal unless otherwise indicated?


    Unless there is a good reason for only accepting one, they generally accept both forms on this course. But they are only capable of displaying one as the 'official answer'.

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