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"Cuando éramos niños, veíamos el mar desde la playa."

Translation:When we were boys, we used to watch the sea from the beach.

February 2, 2013



It also doesn't like the imperfect use of "would." As in "when we were children, we would see the sea from the beach." It told me I lacked a "to" from "used to," however my translation wasn't going for "used to." I prefer "would."


I thought that niños was children as well as boys


So did I. Have a lingot!


the second clause can be "we used to watch" or "we saw". For some reason "we watched" is wrong. What about "we used to see". I haven´t time to find out if Duolingo marks that wrong!


Watched would be 'Mirabamos'


"when we were kids we'd see the sea from the beach" was marked wrong. the contracted "would" implies habitual so it should be accepted, or tell me why not


Well, I think both Biermann and BLPK have correct solutions, though to be fair on DL they are, overall, pretty generous with our contracted forms. All we can do is click on "My solution should be accepted" and, in their own due time, they will disagree and do nothing or agree and tell you,"Your solution is now accepted". We learn as much from getting things marked wrong ' and trying to work out why as from having weird bits of English or Spanish marked correct. In the short run all you can do is think, "My solution means the same in English as theirs - even if they mark it wrong"; then remember what their solution(s) was/were, should you have to go back over the exercise, grit your teeth, use their answer, tell them what you think about it (if it makes you feel better) get to the end of the exercise safely and move on.


Well.. Duh! Sorry, couldn't resist. Surely this is right too? 'When we used to be children we used to see the sea from the beach.'


I think it's technically accurate, but not a good translation unless you are talking about a beach that has had a twenty foot sea wall erected since you were a child.


I wish when it says I missed a word, it would give me the Spanish sentence so I didn't have to guess which word I missed. It asked me to type what I heard.

I got it wrong and it said:

You missed a word. Meaning: When we were boys, we used to watch the sea from the beach.

But I didn't miss the English word. They were having me listen to the Spanish and type in the Spanish. This doesn't help me. And if I click on report the option to say that they should have put the Spanish that I should have typed is not there.

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