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"He loves and respects my elder brother. That makes us so happy."

Translation:Anh ấy yêu và tôn trọng anh tôi. Điều đó làm cho chúng tôi rất hạnh phúc.

August 9, 2016



What is the differnece between "làm cho" and just using "làm" in the second sentence?


Sometimes "làm cho" can mean "do for". As in this sentence, "làm cho" and "làm" both mean "make" can can be replace with each other without changing the meaning of the sentence.


It's actually the same, however; natives often use "làm cho"


But it's not incorrect, and it is marked wrong.


This is the only "this/that makes smb smth", where làm includes "cho".

Why would they use the longer version, i wonder?


One -- rejects 'anh trai tôi'. ...will check next pass. EDIT: fixed now.

Two-- enforces '..làm cho' which is not necessary. EDIT: fixed now.

Three: rejects "anh trai của tôi' EDIT..Now fixed.


May i ask is "thương" more appropriate than "yêu" in this context? I only hear yeu in the context of romantic love and the verb for familial love/friendship was thương i.e. "ba thương con vì con giống mẹ/ mẹ thương con vì con giống ba"


is thật hạnh phúc also acceptable here?


thật hạnh phúc is also acceptable. normally it is thật hạnh phúc = really happy


There are so many problems with duolingo....it will not open up subjects, doesn't show the complete choices, doesn't high light my choice, etc...

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