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  5. "Argentina is a country."

"Argentina is a country."

Translation:Gwlad yw yr Ariannin.

August 9, 2016



Is there something wrong with “Gwlad ydy’r Ariannin” or is it just missing in the database?


This is another zombie, I'm afraid. It should read:

  • Gwlad ydy/yw'r Ariannin

Note that 'r instead of yr. Both ydy and yw should be accepted, but the answers can no longer be edited to make sure that both are accepted.


Why is Mae'r Ariannin ydy gwlad wrong? ponders Where's my thought process going wrong?


Firstly, this particular sentence has been deleted from the course and should no longer be appearing at all - please let us know if it has come up recently.

Secondly, your question... The correct sentence would be:

  • Gwlad ydy'r Ariannin - Argentina is a country

This is an emphatic statement with the identity/role of Argentina as gwlad (a country) coming first in the sentence, as is usual with any identifying sentence of this type:

  • Sioned dw i - I'm Sioned
  • Tad Sioned dw i - I'm Sioned's father
  • Draig ydy e - He's a dragon
  • Athro dych chi - You're a teacher

There is only one verb in each of those - dw, dw, ydy, dych respectively - and the identity/role of the person/thing is put first in the sentence.

In * Mae'r Ariannin ydy gwlad there are two verbs, mae and ydy, fighting for the same job, so that pattern is doomed anyway. * Mae'r Ariannin yn wlad with its single verb mae would work as a sentence, but it is of the wrong pattern for its purpose.

Mae'r Ariannin yn fawr would be correct for 'Argentina is big' - it is a descriptive sentence, not an identifying one.

Nearly all the sections of the course are accompanied by explanatory notes. We recommend that you read and perhaps copy them for ease of reference before starting each new section


Thank you for your explanation -- I'm still fairly new to Welsh and am mangling my way through the sentences a lot of times :) Also, I encountered that sentence right before I posted the question, so .. an hour ago, give or take?


Thanks. It may be an old bug re-emerging.

If you are using the Duo app on a phone/tablet, make sure that you are using the latest version.


I'm working from my computer, and just now had the same sentence again pop up on me literally a minute ago.

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It might be in the cache on your computer. Restarting might remove it.

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