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  5. "Do you doubt me?"

"Do you doubt me?"

Translation:Dych chi'n fy amau i?

August 9, 2016



What is the "fy" there for?

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When a pronoun is a direct object of a verb the possessive pronoun is used.

Fy.............i = mine

Literally this is Are you my doubting

This is often contracted by leaving off the second part of the possessive pronoun, although the second part will be used for emphasis

Dych chi'n fy amau? = Are you doubting me?

Dych chi'n fy amau I?! = Are you doubting ME?!

A variant in speech is:-

Dych chi'n amau fi?

This is not strictly grammatically correct but is easier to use, especially for learners.


Thank you! I had encountered Dych chi'n amau fi by the time I saw this. Now I know how the direct object is constructed. Diolch yn fawr and have a lingot!

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