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"Præsidenten siger, at han vil stoppe krigen."

Translation:The president says, that he is going to stop the war.

August 9, 2016



I don't think there should be a comma in the translation to English, and I think the answer should be accepted without the ´that´ as well. I didn't get the chance to report it.


I left out "that" and got it right. Danish has two ways of putting comma - one of which would have had no comma in this sentence, whereas the other one would have had one after "siger". Normal people hardly know one of them, and even Danish teachers tend to know only one of them. It seems the same applies to the contributors because there seems to be an inconsistency when it comes to which of the two ways of putting comma they use.


You're right - the comma in English is definitely incorrect.


why cannot it be translated as "that he wants..."? isn't "vil" also "want"?


I could indeed be translated like that. That is one of the odd things about Danish; that "ville" in present is both used as "want" (demand) and "going to" (future).

A funny thing about is that most Danish children say "Jeg vil ha' kage/is/..." ("I want cake/ice cream/..."), and then their parents tend to correct them to the more proper "Jeg vil gerne be' om kage/is/..." ("I would like to ask for cake/ice cream/..."), but when they do that, I sometimes ask: How can you know that your child is demanding something in an inappropriate way and not just predicting having the demanded thing in the future?


I think you should report that.


i'll do it next time :)


While it's technically correct, typically want is expressed with "vil gerne" not just "vil"


well, Trump is not


Could you also translate it as 'he is going to end the war'?


again wrong hints... ( for ''vil stoppe'')

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