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  5. "This animal is old."

"This animal is old."

Translation:To zwierzę jest stare.

August 9, 2016



Dzień dobry! I have a problem when it comes to distinguish genders in Polish. So let's make it clear : Neutral : To ; Male : Ten ; Female : Ta. Prawdy? Dziękuję.


Yes we translate "the"/"this" to "ten"(masculine) "ta"(feminine) "to" (neuter).

but you need to know that "to" has more meanings. and this is/that is always "to (jest)" regardless of gender.


Dziękuję! Last question : So do you translate "the dog" with "TEN pies" or just "pies"? I always thought "pies" would just be "A dog" or "THE dog", whereas "ten pies" would only mean "this dog". I don't know if I'm clear, przepraszam...


yes, 90% of time you translate "the dog" as "pies". only sometimes "the" is translated to "ten".

For example: It is the dog I was looking for= to ten pies którego szukałem .


Rozumiem, dziękuję bardzo!


Thank you for answering in simple layman terms. I don't understand all this pro noun, first gender, nomitive and all that lingo. Really appreciate it!


Why "stare" instead of "stary"?


'zwierzę' is a neuter noun, which you can easily see by the -ę ending (in Nominative) - I don't think there are any exceptions here. So "stare" is the neuter form.


why not starym, in instrumental case?


You would use Instrumental if you had a noun phrase there: "On jest starym człowiekiem."

You use Nominative if you just have an adjective there: "On jest stary".


" to zwierzę jest stare " ... " to jest stare zwierzę " ... what is the difference between these sentences ... TO JEST STARE ZWIERZĘ " ... this answer did not pass ... WHY ...❓❓❓


Well, those are different sentences, the subject is different. If the question is "Co to jest?", you can't answer with "To zwierzę jest stare", right?

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