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  5. "אתה רוצֶה בצל?"

"אתה רוצֶה בצל?"

Translation:Do you want an onion?

August 9, 2016



Why is it not "an onion"?


as in just "an onion?" - if so, then the translation of it is "בצל?". the question here is "אתה רוצה..." - "would you like"/"do you want"


I can't do nikkud on my Hebrew keyboard?


there is niqqud in google keyboard if you really want it, but you need to know the name of all the different kind of niqqud (not to mention the rules off niqqud)...


If I feel the need to add niqqud, I use this keyboard here:



But it also can be "do you want in the shadow" without the right connection and the dots. Mind it.


not really, because you cant say "do you want in the shadow", you need to say/ask "would you like/rather be in the shadow?"-"האם אתה רוצה/מעדיף להיות בצל?", plus, in English, in this context you'd usually use the word shade, not shadow..


How would you say "I am allergic to onions". transliteration please as well as the Hebrew words.


It is important for me to know this, as I am allergic to onions!


we're usually say אָלֶרְגִיָה (a-ller-gi-ya), and because it is very important, If you ever need to talk about allergies you have use this word, but given that it is a Hebrew course I'de like to note that there is Hebrew word (an un-loaned word) for allergy, and it is רַגֶּשֶׁת (ra-ge-shet; from the word רַגִּישׁ, literally - sensitive, but in this context it means vulnerable).

there is also intolerance and sensitivity that translated into רְגִּישׁוּת (re-gi-shut).

you would use this words like this:

I am allergic to onion - אני אלרגי לבצל

I have an allergy to onion - יש לי אלרגיה לבצל

I suffer from allergy to onion - אני סובל מאלרגיה לבצל

the same goes for sensitivity and intolerance


Does בצל mean both "onion" and "an onion" ?


yes, but there is also a plural form of the word - בְּצָלִים [be-tza-lim]


The picture for בצל showed a couple of leeks. Does it mean all kinds of onions?


I בצל is a generall name to all kinds of onion. if I'd like to be more specific I would say בצל ירוק (green onion), בצל סגול (literal "purpel onion") - means red onion, or בצל יבש/לבן (literal "dry/white onion") - I don't know how this kind of onion named in En

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