"The bus starts from the place where many people are waiting."

Translation:A busz onnan indul, ahol sok ember vár.

August 9, 2016

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Why "onnan a busz jön ahova a gyerekek mennek" is right, but "onnan a busz indul ahol sok ember vár" is wrong?


Would this be correct? Onnan indul le a busz ahol sok ember vár


<a busz indul ahonnan sok ember vár>

does it work?


Not in Hungarian, no. In English, you can kind of omit part of the comparison, or blend it into the second clause. So, "the place" can be omitted from the above sentence.
In Hungarian, you can't really do that. So, "onnan..... , ahol..... " stays in the sentence.

And "ahonnan" means "from which place". It does not fit with "people".


oh, i see now. thanks.


I entered " A busz indul onnan, ahol sok ember vár," which was rejected, because of the word order - onnan goes before indul I guess? I'm not sure why, though.

And there's always the possibility that it's correct but wasn't entered into the database.

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