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"The bed is close to the desk."

Translation:Łóżko jest blisko biurka.

August 9, 2016



Why cant i use obok here?


blisko = close to, near, not far away in distance

obok = next to, adjacent to

"blisko" only tells us that two objects are close to each other, but there might be another object in between

"obok" tells us that two objects are not separated by another object


Thanks for Clearing it up! I remember there was a pretty good comment on the exact differences regarding at the table, next to the table or so, does someone know where they are? link? :)


It's not exactly the same. Maybe the difference is not that visible in this sentence, but "blisko" can be used in a sentence like "Mieszkam blisko Warszawy" (I live close to Warsaw), and as it's pretty relative, this can mean that I live 50 km from Warsaw.

While "obok" is literally "next to", without much of an interpretation.


Out of curiosity, why is biurko is genitive here?


That's what the preposition "blisko" needs.


Easy as that. Fair enough. Thanks!

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