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  5. "We are talking about you."

"We are talking about you."

Translation:rólatok beszélünk.

August 9, 2016



Why is "tirólatok" accepted and "rólatok" isn't?

While I don't hear either very often in the Hungarian I listen to, I feel like I do hear forms like "rólad" more often than, say, "terólad"..


Yes, it is a more emphasized version, that's all. Both should be accepted.


It seems a little odd that we're learning all these forms with the extra emphasis on the pronoun, rather than learning the reduced form and then afterwards being told "you can glue the subject form of the pronoun on the front as a prefix for extra emphasis"


"Rolad beszelünk", is not accepted, but should.


...ro'lad besze'lu:nk... you talked 'em into it, Fhe . . .

Big 24 dec 18

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