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Returning to a language

I find when I start a language and then stop practicing because of being busy or various other reasons, that I can't really get into it as well again. The practice weakest words thing doesn't really do the job very well and I don't really want to go through every lesson again. There needs to be some sort of "review" that I can do to quickly refresh me on doing that specific language again. Or maybe duolingo is given the ablitily to recognize how long I've been away from a language and adjusted in some way. Or maybe both. I'm just sharing my ideas.

February 2, 2013



I think having a review option would great. Maybe there could be a section where we can do practice exercises randomly selected from the different lessons we've already learned/mastered. That way, we can periodically brush up on past material.


I would love this.

I'm not always able to practice every day because when I don't work, I have school; when I don't have school, I'm working.

And by the time I get home I'm always way too tired, to the point that even if I did "practice," my mental state would not be primed at learning a language.


I wonder why you don't get Weekly Progress coins for completing some of the lessons?

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