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"המאמן בוחר להשתמש באסטרטגיה אחרת."

Translation:The coach decides to use a different strategy.

August 9, 2016



Trivia: The word "אסטרטגיה" belongs to a group of words borrowed from Greek that begin with two constonants. It didn't sound right to Hebrew speakers so a "prosthetic" א was organically added. Strategy -> אסטרטגיה; Stadium -> אצטדיון; School -> אסכולה; Plato -> אפלטון...

There are more examples that come from other languages, such as Persian.


Thanks for that context. Earlier in the sports unit i learned אצטדיון and was wondering why in the world there would be a leading aleph.


I thought that Spanish was doing something like that, it's new for me that Hebrew works in a similar way.


may those were spanish jews.


Well, sport entered to late the language to be changed in this way, modern Hebrew deals with words like סְפַּסְמָה spasm or סְפֶּקוּלַצְיָה speculation without adding a prosthetic vowel. But אַפְּלָֿטוֹן blew my mind (although English pronunciation is as misleading as the Hebrew in this case: :


Is not בוחר chooses and מחליט decides? Is it interchangeable?

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