"I present you to Yossi."

Translation:אני מציגה לכם את יוסי.

August 9, 2016

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Isn't it אני מציגה אתכם ליוסי the translation of "I present you to Yossi"? I think that אני מציגה לכם את יוסי is more "I present to you Yossi"


The English is clearly muddled here ...

Looks like it should really be the other way around:

I present Yossi to you


This makes no sense. If that is the Hebrew then the English should be 'I present Yossi to you'


is את necessary with a persons name


Good point! Also I thought את was only used with direct objects and here it seems like Yossi would be an indirect object.


You use את to indicate a definite direct object. Usually these come with a ה, but names are automatically definite. In the sentence "I present you to Yossi", the direct object is "you", so you'd say אותך. In the sentence "I present Yossi to you", Yossi is the direct object so you'd say את יוסי.


This is backeards


Yes this doesn't make sense, it should be אני מציגה אתכם ליוסי. I did it the way that made more sense to me , אני מציגה את יוסי לכם, which i realize now just means the same thing as what they want the answer to be, but I was marked incorrect.


Isn't it :" I present Yosi to you"?


Would this be the same as : I introduce to you Yossi


Why can’t you use לכן

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