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"Następnym miesiącem jest kwiecień."

Translation:Next month is April.

August 9, 2016



But this month is April...


"Next month it is april" was not accepter


I'm not a native English speaker, but this construction does not sound right to me. I suppose "Next month is April" is fine. "It is April" sounds fine too IMO, but it is not a correct translation for the sentence proposed in the excercise.


It's a perfectly good English idiomatic expression, and very common.


OK, we're going to add it.


Why is next month in miejscownik? I can kind of understand April being the mianownik but...


Most sentences are usually put the other way round: the first part (X) is in Nominative, the second one (Y) in Instrumental (because it's Instrumental - Narzędnik, not Miejscownik = Locative). And this one could be written that way as well: Kwiecień jest następnym miesiącem. The question is what kind of 'question' we want to answer: the original sentence talks about 'what is the next month', while my sentence talks about April.

And as usual I'm gonna do some self-advertisement and recommend my guide here, especially part 1,5.

"Następny miesiąc to kwiecień" would actually be probably more natural, but the course creators want to show a variety of options.


Dzięki! I also got instrumental case confused with miejscownik. Instrumental should be narzędnik and not miejscownik(locative).


Dzięki! :) Is it also possible to say: "Następny miesiąc jest kwietniem."?


No, not really. It's kinda like "every square is a rectangle, but not every rectangle is a square". In this way, "(every) April is a month, but not every month is April". On the one hand, you have "next month" here, but it still would be very weird. When you put something into Instrumental, it kinda 'defines' the other part of the sentence.

"Następny miesiąc to kwiecień" would be perfectly okay.

I wrote something more about it here, part 1,5.


So why won't it accept 'April is next month'?


That would make it sound like "April is happening during April".

Compare to: "The concert is next month". It doesn't try to define "the concert" as "next month", it just states when it's going to be.


I find it helpful to liken this to the English active and passive. April (subject of the sentence) is next month. (Active because the subjet precedes the verb.) Next month is April (Passive because the subject of the sentence follows the verb) So, put the polish sentence in the same order Noun (subject) verb then the rest. Kwiecień jest następnym miesiącem. Now swap Kwiecień and następnym miesiącem. It doesnt always work that simply with other polich verbs, they get conjugated differently in the passive, but you should get the picture.


Is it just me or is there a definite intonation in the audio implying that this is a question?


The intonation of the synthesizer voice is not to be trusted at all. Please pay attention to the interpunction in writing.

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