"János milyen épületeket szeret, magasakat?"

Translation:What kind of buildings does János like, tall ones?

August 9, 2016

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I disagree with the "what kindS of ..." translation. At least one shouldn't rule out "what kind of ...", which is marked as wrong.


As a native English speaker, "what kind of..." is how I would naturally say it in my dialect.


Why isn't "milyenek" used here to agree with the plural buildings?


Why can't it be "Which buildings does Janos like"?


I think would fit better to melyik épületeket rather than milyen épületeket.

Which buildings? = out of the buildings that are under discussion, identify the ones that John likes

What kind of buildings? = describe the attributes that a building must have for John to like it


I thought milyen translates as 'what kind of'. Would certainly sound better to me.


Is this the prefered word order for this?


"what kind of buildings János likes, tall ones?" This was my answer and it was wrong? It suggests only different kind of way to say it, what kind of buildings DOES János LIKE" is the correct.


Yes, that's right, your answer is incorrect.

In English, "do"-support is needed with most verbs to ask most questions, so we have to say "What kind of buildings does János like?".

"What kind of buildings likes János?" or "What kind of buildings János likes?" are not correct in English.


Ahh thank you! I am not a native English speaker and I am still a student. It is difficult to learn a foreign language using a foreign language as studying language.

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