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"המספר השני שלי הוא שישים ושתיים."

Translation:My second number is sixty two.

August 9, 2016



Why in this case the ו is pronounced as U?


Because the word שתיים starts with a letter in the schwa (zero vowel).


As far as I understood, the majority of hebrew natives say always "ve" for the prefix ו = "and" right?


In other words, because the word starts with two consonants together.


That's even more clear now. :)


ha-mispár ha-shení shelí hu shishím u-shtáyim.

(colloquially, it will be ve-shtáyim).


It sounds like I am hearing "המספר שני", I can't hear the "ה" nor the vowel "a" sound underneath the "ה". Is the speaker giving the correct pronunciation? Or am I just not hearing it?


Home-To-Him, the reason you can’t hear the h sound before ‏מספר is that many native Hebrew speakers drop it and I think he drops it here.

As for why you can’t hear the ah sound before ‏שני, I think that native Hebrew speakers, him included, say the final ר so lightly it’s almost unnoticeable, so the a of mispar and the fading of the ר makes it sound like mispa-a-sheni.


Thanks for your comments Theresa, I noticed that I wrote that comment 10 months ago, what is interesting and encouraging to me is that now 10 months later, I can hear a subtle and slight "ha" sound before שני, whereas before I could not hear it. It seems that my ears are getting a little better at detecting Hebrew sounds and combination of sounds. I am glad that you commented on my earlier post. Thanks.

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