"Arra a zebrára lépünk; ott nincsenek autók."

Translation:We are stepping onto that pedestrian crossing; there are no cars there.

August 9, 2016

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I translated it as "we're stepping onto that zebra" with the assumption that there were some Hungarians stranded out in the Serengeti and one of them says "well, shoot, we can't find the car. What to do, what to do... I know! We can ride our way back to Dar-es-Salaam! Zebras are basically horses, right? Right?" and then mounts the zebra cowboy-style.

But then it turned out to be a boring sentence.


Zebra crossing? What the heck?


It's the white marks on the road cross.


This is a poor translation. In Hungarian it is "zebra," but in English just "crosswalk"


It's a zebra crossing or a pedestrian crossing in British English.


It's a pedestrian crossing or a zebra crossing in Britain


"We are stepping onto this pedestrian crossing there are no cars." -> was rejected! Why? Only because the final "there" is missing? Is it really relevant?


The issue is this vs. that. Az --> arra, and means "that." To get "this" you'd need the Hungarian to read "erre a zebrára lépünk."


Wouldn't "onto that zebra" be correct too? What if I really was stepping onto a zebra?

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