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"Nem a harmadik kádban fürdöm."

Translation:I am not bathing in the third bathtub.

August 10, 2016



Putting out for discussion: it seems to me that "tub" is a superior translation to "kád" than bathtub. (Wouldn't "bathtub" be "fürdőkád"?)

So this sentence should be "I'm not bathing in the third tub", which works and has the same meaning in English.

This seems less misleading, as IIRC kád is also used in other contexts than bathing.

Thoughts? Am I misunderstanding usage of kád vs fürdőkád?


I think you got it absolutely right.


as far as I know, "tub" is not used on its own in british english. there it is always "bathtub", but as this course uses american english I'd say you are right.


"Tub" is usually used for washing clothes or similar. When I get in to wash my body I get into a bath (bathtub is known but is not commonly used)


I don't know in English, but in Hungarian it works just as you wrote.


In British English we usually say "bath" rather than "bathtub" or "tub".


Yes absolutely, but 'bath' is STILL marked wrong


And still now!


So isn't anyone else worried about there being three bathtubs to choose from?


Not really, but personally I'd probably opt for the third tub rather than the first one!


Thinking that I get marked wrong--or at least making an inferior translation--I tried "It is not the third tub in which I am having a bath" this time, thinking that the focus was on which tub I am bathing in. And got marked wrong. But it's not wrong, is it?

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