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  5. "Milyen póló van a férfin?"

"Milyen póló van a férfin?"

Translation:What kind of T-shirt is the man wearing?

August 10, 2016



In what situation is 'milyen = what kind of' versus 'milyen = which'?


Pretty much always, milyen is "what kind" and melyik is "which."


Pretty much... Isn't it always that way?! Thank you.


Wiktionary lists 3 definitions for milyen:

1) what?, what kind of?, what like?

Milyen színű az autód? - What color does your car have? Milyen volt a nyaralásotok? - What was your vacation like?

2) to what extent?, how?, how much? (always followed by an adverb or adjective)

Milyen nagy a házatok? - How big is your house?

3) what a ...!

Milyen kár! - What a pity!


miért csak folyamatos jelen a jó válasz?


So, why is it "...póló van a férfin" but "pólóban vagyok" The t-shirt is on him, but I am in it?

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