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"Penso che sia arrivato il mio momento."

Translation:I think my moment has come.

February 5, 2014



I think that my moment has come. This answer should be accepted.


I agree with the DL"s translation : I think my moment has come. However, I have a problem with understanding the inversion of the dependent sentence. Penso che sia arrivato il mio momento. As clearly seen after che the compund verbs ( sia arrivato) of the dependent sentence appear first before the subject of the sentence ( il mio momento).

I would like to know why such an inversion is made and why it is needed.


This is too creepy


wait ... I didn't get why you have told it's creepy. I had to stop and read again. Beware that this sentence in Italian is an optimistic cliché. Tomorrow you will meet a customer and maybe, maybe, this guy will make a 100 million USD order. And you tell your wife : è arrivato il mio momento. And you add: Gli farò vedere chi sono. I'll show them who I am, the best **ing salesman of this business !!!

Put in google "è arrivato il mio momento" and see how they are all optimistic situations.


I agree with your optimistic view of this phase, however, when I translated it "I think that my time has come" DL did not like it.


I agree that the English cliché is as you have suggested using "time", so I also tried it. Fair enough it's wrong - "il mio momento" is actually "my moment."


Right. I thought it meant the death moment :/


haha, poor you! try thinking the cup's half full!


'I think my moment came' was marked wrong and the correction was that it should be 'my moment come'! We have Subjunctive Perfect here and the present tense is not appropriate in my opinion. I reported it either way.


Could you say "Penso che il mio momento sia arrivato" ?


I suggest you repeat "Penso che sia arrivato il mio momento" a couple of times, perhaps after doing so you can hear which one is more natural, your sentence or the Italian one.


my correction was "I think my time come" I translated "I think my time has come"

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