"Chcę mieć własne mieszkanie."

Translation:I want to have my own apartment.

August 10, 2016

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Is "place" an acceptable alternative for "apartment", or too colloquial?


I don't know whether "place" would be accepted or not by Duolingo, but it seems to me that "flat" is a better alternative.

If you are looking for a synonym for "mieszkanie", you can also say:

"Chcę mieć własne (cztery ściany / lokum / M / ...)" or

"Chcę mieć własny (kąt / kwadrat / ...)"


Too colloquial, I'm afraid. jagonics provided really nice 'translations' for your option, although I believe "place" is a lot more often used than any of those.


Thanks! I didn't report it because I figured as such. It's used in everyday speech more often than anything "proper" is, and I wasn't really focused when I wrote my wrong answer. :)


You accept "wanna", but "place" is too colloquial??? :D

I'd rather say it's too unspecific for "mieszkanie", it may also be a house or just a room...


"wanna" is something that I'm not so sure about anymore and I don't think I added any recently ;)

Now, over 5 years later, I think that it makes sense to add "place" here, there's rather no direct translation of "place" and let's face it, having a flat is probably more likely than having a house.


What about "I want my own apartment" ? Does the sentence change meaning in Polish without the "miec" ?


The meaning is the same, but that would also lose the "have" part in Polish, and we try to keep closer to the original sentence (if only possible).


In Polish can you say "Chcę własne mieszkanie", or is it only "Chcę mieć własne mieszkanie"?


You can, it just sounds... less polite?


Thanks, that makes sense.


I experimentally answered "I want my own flat" in UK English and was amused by the Spice Girl English riposte "I wanna have my own flat"!

BTW this is somewhat inaccurate, because wanna (standard UK meanings: want a or want to) takes the First person Singular pronoun a rather than I. Also, the possessive pronoun should be me, not my. Further, have is stylistically improbable here. All in all, a more likely wish would be "A wanna get me own place!".

Apart from this exercise, is "Chcę własne mieszkanie" acceptable Polish for my English?


Well, "wanna" is definitely colloquial, but relatively common and known well among the non-natives as well. "A wanna" seems a bit too much ;)

"Chcę własne mieszkanie" is for sure grammatically fine, it just doesn't sound very... polite to me. As it's not "- So what do you want from the shop? - I want a diet coke" level, this seems kinda strange to me. I'd keep "mieć", especially that the English sentence has it. And I'd keep this "have".


I always prefer to err on the side of politeness when using a foreign language :)

With or without have, the demand "I want..." (even worse: "...wanna...") is definitely not polite English, and particularly inacceptable when addressing the person expected to fulfil the demand.

The polite form is the wish "I would like..." - "Ich möchte..." in German, "Chciałbym..." in Polish [is this used in the course?].


"chciałbym" is taught, but it needs the English sentence to be "I would like" to be accepted.


It doesn't accept "I want to have an apartment of my own."


Well, that's obviously correct, added now.


Wanna is a terminology we used for a person who would like to be a policeman or other professional with stature, ergo the word, wanna be. In this instance i want would be the most appropriate terminology. Also wanna is considered bad speech.


"want to" is always the main answer.


What's the difference between "Chcę mieć własne mieszkanie" and "Chcę mieć swoje własne mieszkanie"? Is "swoje" redundant in the last sentence or does it give the sentence a slightly different meaning?


I think it's an additional emphasis. It sounds pretty natural to me, but "swoje" can easily be omitted.


I write "I want my own apartment" and it corrects it to "I wanna my own apartment".. what??


Well, we still want you to translate "mieć". So that's why we don't accept "I want my own apartment", because it's equivalent to "Chcę własne mieszkanie".

"I wanna my own apartment" is obviously wrong. Removed, thanks for reporting.

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