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  5. "Vũ khí rất nguy hiểm."

" khí rất nguy hiểm."

Translation:The weapon is very dangerous.

August 10, 2016


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is 'very dangerous weapon' not as good? Please help

August 10, 2016


when the adjective is attributive:

  • một vũ khí rất nguy hiểm: a very dangerous weapon
  • vũ khí rất nguy hiểm này: this very dangerous weapon
  • vũ khí rất nguy hiểm đó: that very dangerous weapon

when the adjective is predicative:

  • vũ khí rất nguy hiểm: a weapon is very dangerous, or weapons are very dangerous (as a general statement)
  • vũ khí này rất nguy hiểm: this weapon is very dangerous
  • vũ khí đó rất nguy hiểm: that weapon is very dangerous
February 26, 2018


by all the precedents of this course "Weapons are very dangerous" should be accepted

May 5, 2019
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