"Péter gyakran hall repülőgépeket."

Translation:Péter often hears planes.

August 10, 2016



Better than hearing apples...

July 6, 2017



August 10, 2016


Whom are you talking to?

If you are trying to reach the people who can make a change (the course maintainers), you're wasting your time by posting here -- use the "Report a problem / my translation should be accepted" function istead.

If you are trying to tell your fellow learners (us, we who read these sentence discussions) that "By the way, in case you were curious, aeroplanes is also fine (and I've reported it already", then by all means continue. Many learners are not native speakers of English and can find it useful to have confirmation that a word they used was rejected not because it was wrong, but merely because it has not yet been added as an accepted alternative.

August 10, 2016
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