"You are welcome, Éva, goodbye!"

Translation:Szívesen Éva, viszlát!

August 10, 2016

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This is absolutely ridiculous and tricky. The question I am answering is a multiple choice and the translation presented here is not even one of them. On the other hand: Szívesen Eva, szia. and Szívesen Eva. Szia (with a period instead of a comma) are proposed. Since the English sentence has a comma, I checked that one. This was rejected. The correct solution required to check both sentences (with the comma and with the period).


Isn't viszontlátásra goodbye and viszlát used for bye? It says I have typo.


What do you mean I have a tempo


Can you say Vizlat?


Only with a heavy accent. :)


Why would "Szivesen vislát, Éva" not accepted? Is the word order important in this question?


"You are welcome" and "goodbye" are distinct clauses - worse, "szívesen" is like a phrase here that could be a legit adverb in another sentence, so... no, it's really not a good idea to mix them together


I wrote "Szervusz" instead of the exact word for word answer of "Viszlat" "Szervusz" is basically an informal version. . . But it didn't accept my answer, kinda stumped on this one

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