"Impreza jest w ogrodzie."

Translation:The party is in the garden.

August 10, 2016

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I assume this is a rule of locative, or maybe just an exceptional declension, that ogród becomes ogrodzie?


If the stem ends in a hard consonant (p, b, f, w, t, d, ...), the ending becomes "-'e", but a lot of weird things can happen before the ending and I think those things have to be learned by heart. For example:

"ogród" - the stem ends in d so the ending becomes -'e. The apostrophe means that softening should occur: d becomes dzi and now we have "ogródzie". Additionally "ó" becomes "o" and now we have "ogrodzie".

The problem with declension is that a lot of nouns fail to obey the rules so it's better to memorize it.


http://i.imgur.com/NjFhVJV.jpg this tabe helps me with the understanding of the rules of declination better. You can try. I learned it from another duolingo discussion thread.

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