"I am on the toilet!"

Translation:A mosdóban vagyok!

August 10, 2016

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I'm not sure this is actually a good translation.

"I am on the toilet" means "I am on the pot". That is, I am sitting on the ceramic object used to eliminate waste.

I think that "A mosdóban vagyok" means "I am in the room where the ceramic object used to eliminate waste is", which would be more fluidly translated as "I am in the bathroom" or "I am in the lavatory", or even possibly "I am in the toilet" (although the last one sounds odd to this American's ears).

Am I wrong?


Hmm, would "WC-en vagyok" work as well?


Yes. But "WC-n". Because as you spell out "wc": "vé-cé", there is no need for an extra buffer "e". It is also frequently written out as "vécén".


Hmm, thought about it but I wasn't sure. Thank you. :D


Why is the hungarian word toalet not used? I saw it written on toalets in Hungary. There is a big difference between a toilett and a bathrom. There is a toilett in some bathrooms, but I never saw a shower or a bathtub on a toilett.


You can see the word "toalett" in several places on signs and doors, but it is rather an older, more aristoratically sounded expression often used by affecting people.

So basically you would never hear "Meglátogatom a toalettet." in the spoken Hungarian language nowadays (however 100 years ago it was 100% fine), you can rather hear it in a comedy or a cabaret where the goal is to make fun of how certain people behave and how they use odd words.


Oh, I get it. This sentence actually translates well as "I am IN the toilet ROOM". "The toilet"(a mosdo) means "the bathroom" (or "the john").

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