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  5. "הצלוחית נמצאת מתחת לצלחת."

"הצלוחית נמצאת מתחת לצלחת."

Translation:The saucer is under the plate.

August 10, 2016



I said beneath the plate and had that marked wrong...


I am noticing that there is an art to these. I am trying to skip the early levels to reach a level where I am learning something. I am finding that I am getting tripped up on technicalities. However, I do learn some words here and there, and perhaps I am picking up some nuances that I was missing. To avoid failing levels, I have been aiming for the simplest English and the most literal translation. It is frustrating, but I am impressed it works as well as it does.


How come? It is not the first time : I write the correct answer. It says it is wrong. The second time I write EXACTLY the same and it is accepted!


איזה כף! זה 'poetic'.. אית, ..חת, ו..חת!

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