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learning Hungarian

so far from my experience from this course i concluded that in this course ( learning Hungarian for English speaker ) is much more a place to practice rather than to learn Hungarian !?!?! what you think ? also i wished there was a words section like German course . its little disappointing for after waiting for a loooong time for this course and see its like this :/ *96314081311257 told me what to do to use it

also if you have any suggestion or recommendation how to learn Hungarian faster would appreciated if you let me know too thank u :)

August 10, 2016



Yes, for now the course here does not really offer enough support to learn Hungarian as a beginner. You can probably learn something from it (and you can learn a lot by asking questions in the forum here) but it is better to regard Duolingo's Hungarian as additional practice along with a more structured course.

I still highly recommend the FSI "Basic Hungarian" course. https://www.livelingua.com/project/fsi/Hungarian/

It was developed by the US government in the 1960s. So in some ways - mostly vocabulary and cultural things - it is out of date. You'll learn some vocabulary words like "collective farm" that you won't need. But if you want to learn good pronunciation, grammar, and sentence structure I think it's still the best thing that's freely available on the internet.

The FSI exercises can even be adapted into Anki or Supermemo flashcards and this is an extremely effective way to practice them. I adapted nearly all the exercises from both volumes for Supermemo and I learned a great deal from it.


Thanks for the link. Maybe I'll try working through some of the FSI material and then come back.

As an absolute beginner with no prior exposure to Hungarian, I feel like the course notes are a little lacking, which has made the exercises frustrating.


I listened in a little bit, it is a very interesting travel back in time. :)

Anyway, there is a series up on youtube, it is mainly aimed at children, but some of you may find it useful:

Kiliki a Földön:

Besides, it is solid proof that not all aliens are Hungarians.


There is some value in that time travel, too. I am old enough so that, when I speak to Hungarians of my own age or older, the world of those old lessons - or nearly that - was the world of their early years. And it is good to understand a little of that.


Absolutely, by all means! :)


thank u so much for info and help :)


Thank you :-)


Step 1: Tab A: Duolingo open with a language that has a word list (eg.: EN->DE.)

Step 2: open new tab (Tab B.)

Step 3: Tab B: Duolingo EN-HU (or any other course.)

Step 4: Switch to Tab A.

Step 5: Go to words. MAGIC!

I read it somewhere in the forums here, but I can't be bothered to look it up now. If the original poster could leave a post here to take credit, that'd be lovely.


ooooommmmmgggg , thank u sooo much


I just get a 404 when I try that...


The only way I've managed to get a 404 was by refreshing on the words page while doing this trick. If you don't go to the words page until the very last step, you should be able to avoid that.

For the record, I use Google Chrome, & I've checked if it works with Firefox (it does for me.) I hope this helps.


I get the 404 error as well. Does it still work for you?


This is a reversed tree! The words (what you have to use by the beginning of the tree) are in the last section of the tree. The learning is very difficult so.


Thank you, now I understand why it is much more difficult for me, than the Hungarian - English version.


Is anyone else finding that during the lessons, they come across words that have not been previously taught, yet they don't come up as new vocab?


I think it is possible the the sequence of lessons was changed at some point during the development of the course because there are lessons far down the tree which suddenly begin with very basic picture vocabulary questions - after you've gone through a lot of difficult grammar lessons. It's a bit strange.


i wished it was only new vocab:/ , there are new grammar which are never been thought


I'm feeling similarly, but keep in mind that the course is still not fully complete. They'll still be modifying and fixing it for some time.

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I used "colloquial hungarian" by Erika Solyom and Carol Rounds, I'd recommend it. It doesn't have enough exercises but Duo's there for that. I found the grammar explanations easy to follow.


You can also try Memrise and see if they have one or two courses. :)


there are some vocabulary flash card but personally i dont like the Memrise :/ because u have to go all through flash card every time u want to study it , thank u for recommendation tho :)


Fair enough. It's not for everybody.


There's a really nice channel called ,,hungariantutor". I just love his videos, mainly this guy made me keep learning Hungarian. There is even, somewhere under the Duolingo lesson, link to his ,,sounds of the Hungarian alphabet". You can also ask him if you have a trouble with the language or suggest the topic of the new lesson. Hope it helped you!

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