"A katona nem a városok között harcol."

Translation:The soldier is not fighting between the cities.

August 10, 2016

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What is the meaning of this sentence?


It is just a locational thing. Not between the cities but some place else.


Why nem is not right infront of the verb? Its more important cities than fighting? Maybe I'm missing the priority in this negation


As you already mentioned, it is because the emphasis is on the location and not on the fact that the soldier is fighting.

Nevertheless, "a katona nem harcol a városok között" as well as "a katona a városok között nem harcol" are correct sentences - but again with slightly different meanings.


The phrasing in thid sentence is a bit weird and i think its causing a few people problems. From what i understand, in the hungarian the emphasis is that the fighting is not happening in the space between the cities. Where as the english sentence has a more natural emphasis on the soldier not actually fighting at all.


Why has to between and not among.You do not give the data whether you mean 2 cities or several cities .I understand that the word KOZOTT means both.

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