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  5. "When do you finish this?"

"When do you finish this?"

Translation:מתי אתם מסיימים את זה?

August 10, 2016



I am confused as to why it is ok to say מסיימים זאת without an את.


Think of the word זאת as a replacement for את זה. You can't replace it with זה alone, only with את זה. It's a little old fashioned word, though.


So does this mean that it's wrong to say את זאת?


Can גומר be used instead of מסיים? Do they have different meanings? Are they used in different contexts?


Matai atem mesaymim et ze.


Why not מתי את גומרת את זה?


The words גָמַר and סִיֵּם would be synonymous here, I think.


Matai atem mesaymim et ze


Me too, same thing. Could somebody answer jrwilco1's question please? Thank you


Can the question be also understood in terms of the general statement "when does one finish this ? " (it's because I tried understanding it this way, but was marked wrong when I wrote מתי מסיימים את זה ? )


I also want to know about the lack of את in this case. Is Noam right that one doesn't need את before זאת?


In German language it is difficult to distinguish betewen singular and plural if there is the word YOU used, unless the context demands of a clear specification according to the sense.


Is this usage incorrect " מתי את מסיימת את זאת "'


Well, in normal Hebrew you use אֶת זֶה for an unspecified this. In more flowery language you can use זֹאת without the nota accusativi אֶת, based on biblical examples like מי בקש זאת מידכם Is 1.12 who has required this from your hand. Your sentence would make sense after a concrete feminine noun: יֵשׁ לָךְ עוֹד עֲבוֹדָה Do you still have work (to do)? When do you finish it?

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