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"המהנדס הראשי חושב לשנות את התכנית."

Translation:The chief engineer is thinking to change the plan.

August 10, 2016



"Thinking to change" is poor English


this is not english but a literal translation from the hebrew. Should be 'the chief engineer is thinking about changing the plan." that would be more correct american english.


This is awful English! I will flag it.


Can one also say that he is looking to change the program?


Thinking and looking are different words, though looking into gives the idea of thinking about, which would be more natural in English.


It'd be more natural to say "thinking of changing the plan", I think


The words from the bubbles allowed me to say "wants to change". Would this fit the semantics? Or is it rather "he already decided to change the plan and now he's doing the thinking for the new plan"?


"Wants to change" would be רוצה לשנות. I reckon your second suggestion makes sense Bodo; or possibly he hasn't even decided yet but is thinking about changing the plan. Ideally a native speaker will join this discussion and confirm whether חושב לשנות means "thinking of changing" or "thinking in order to change".

(PS: I don't know why somebody has downvoted your comment but - so far as I can see - not attempted to answer it.)


Please fix! (Jun 20)


so... he plans to change the plan?

That ought to be an acceptable translation, but I'm not going to try it.


Well Vid, I think that in the given translation, the engineer is thinking to change the plan, which means that he is considering the matter. However, your translation means that he is has come to a decision and he is in the planning stage of how to implement his idea.

But wait, “thinking to change the plan”, as Bodo mentioned, might mean that he has come to a decision and his thinking is what is necessary to bring the plan to fruition, the same way the student works to finish her homework.

In order to avoid ambiguity, “thinking of changing” would have been the best translation.

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