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  5. "There is nobody inside."

"There is nobody inside."

Translation:אין אף אחד בפנים.

August 10, 2016



From the notes on an earlier lesson, I would think that שום or אף could go equally well here. Am I misunderstanding things/missing some distinction?


They're not entirely interchangeable. אף אחד is just a fixed expression, and שום דבר is, too (שום אחד is never used, and אף דבר is quite rare). With more specific object you can use them interchangeably. For example: אף כיסא; שום כיסא.


במילים אחרים, אפשר או אי-אפשר להגיד

"אין שום אדם בפנים" ?


zz אפשר - אבל זה לא בדיוק אותו דבר

Using אדם explicitly might suggest that there's someone who isn't human inside (an animal? A robot? An alien..?)

(Also - מילים אחרות)


Oh... So saying There is not even one implies no being is present. I understand now, thanks.


So how do you say person or human? Ben adam? Do you guys not have a good word for this?

I thought adam always referred to humans, and nefesh could refer to other things as well.'

And thanks lol, I always... and I mean always, forget the gender of Milah.


"adam" means human, so אין שום אדם בפנים = there's no human inside; what I meant was that this is not exactly like there's nobody inside since there could be non-humans there.


I wrote אין אף אחד בתוך and was told incorrect. Is there a difference between בתוך and בפנים?

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