"There are no ships there."

Translation:Nincsenek hajók ott.

August 10, 2016

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so, if I understand correctly, when we have a number of something (2, 3 etc..) or a few, or a lot, you should use the singular, but when there is none, nothing, nada, you should use the plural. OK I know, you will tell me that ships is plural here. But four ships is also plural in English.


You are right. Of course, a noun can be in the plural. But as soon as you have something that indicates quantity/amount, the noun switches back to the singular. And that something can be a number, a unit of measure, some vague word like a few or a lot, or even a question word.


I've seen such sentences used in both the singular and the plural, but the singular would be more like "there is not a ship there"


why not vannak??


positive sentence: vannak hajók - there are ships

negative sentence: nincsenek hajók - there are no ships

Nincsenek is the negated version of vannak

(and nincs is the negated version of van)


thank you! i forgot it!


A hajók nincsenek ott. Tgere are ships, but they are not there they are somewhere else woukd this be correct?


I selected 'Ott nincs hajók', but got the mesasge: "You have a typo. Ott nincs hajó."

But there was no option of 'hajó' given, I had no choice!


Maybe "nincsenek" was available too, which would work with "hajók".


I would rather say: ott nincsenek hajók.


Ott nem vannak hajok?

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