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  5. "Itt sincsenek szép lányok."

"Itt sincsenek szép lányok."

Translation:There are no beautiful girls here, either.

August 10, 2016



Why not "There aren't any beautiful girls here, either"? The Hungarian course seems inconsistent in its use of "any" in cases such as these.

I'll report it.


the beautiful girls are not here either, was rejected. In a previous sentence I used the construction: there are no ... either, for sincsenek... and it was rejected. which construction(s) is(are) correct?


The problem with your translation is primarily the word "the", implying a specific group of girls. The Hungarian sentence just means that there aren't any beautiful girls here in general (either). I believe if you omitted "the", your translation would be correct... but still kind of unnatural-sounding. (Duo's translation is the best, I believe)


"There are no ...., either" is correct here.

Here, we are talking about this place, and whether there are beautiful girls here.

In your sentence, "The beautiful girls are not here, either", you are talking about the girls and whether they are here.

Those are two different statements (két különböző állítás).


Yes, we are in Beta, but this section is enormously frustrating with all the arbitrary translations and inconsistency. "There are no nice girls here, either" was erroneously rejected."


"Here there are no pretty girls either" was marked wrong too. The difference is insignificant.

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