"The small bird flies there to the Hungarian woman, the big white one to the English."

Translation:A kicsi madár a magyar nőhöz repül oda, a nagy fehér az angolhoz.

August 10, 2016

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"A kicsi madar odarepül a magyar nőhöz, a nagy feher az angolhoz." Why is my sentence wrong?


It is not really wrong. I guess it is just not what the writers had in mind when creating this translation.


I think because what you are contrasting is the destinations -- to the Hungarian woman versus to the English (one).

Since you are emphasising those, they would tend to go in front of the verb (the main position of emphasis). And then the preverb has to come after it because something else (the emphasised bit) wants to be even closer to the verb stem.


A kismadár odarepül a magyar nőhöz, a nagy fehér az angolhoz.

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