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movie.cartoon, show ..... with subtitle .

please if you know any movie ,cartoon or show with Hungarian subtitle or English subtitle please let me know , thank you in advance .

August 10, 2016


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Check: Kontroll-Controll (with English subtitles)


it is a classic.

by chance just two days ago I ran into this Documentary-propaganda from the communist era.

It is actually very interesting and it is subtitled.

A "blast from the past" type of piece and I happen to like historical documentaries.


I am sure you can find a lot more movies.

Look for "Fehérlófia". It is an animated movie. Very good one.

I had the link but I can not find it right now.


Here in this link you can find some, hope it helps. http://thevore.com/top-movies/hungarian-movies/

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