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Why am I not being creditted for the tasks

I am on Basic level 2 and have done the first exercise five times. I have passed it with hearts remaining but I am not able to move on to the next exercise. This is very frustrating and I am losing motivation. Anyone else having this problem or is it something I am doing wrong?

February 3, 2013


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Hi, I just completed the lesson as you and lesson 2 in basics 2 is unlocked. Since you were able to get through the lessons in Basics 1, I can't immediately say what's wrong. Try lesson 2 and let me know if you are still stuck. Also, always make sure you continue through and see the end of lesson screen!


I am on basic level 1 and even though I have completed the 1st lesson many times, neither I am give any points nor I can move to another lesson...

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