"Azok a városok kulturálisak és történelmiek."

Translation:Those cities are cultural and historic.

August 10, 2016

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I'm not sure that in English we ever just say that something is "cultural". "Culturally significant", sure. But you'd get some weird looks if in the US you were to ask, say, "Is Mount Rushmore cultural?"


Well, then the translation is perfect. It sounds just as weird to me in Hungarian.


Can you say"egy kulturális személy", meaning something like "egy művelt személy"? In Polish we have those very similar words - "kulturowy" (cultural, like cultural processes, cultural studies, cultural significance etc.) and "kulturalny" (roughly meaning "well-behaved").

Still wouldn't make much sense in the context of cities, though, I guess.

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    Kulturált személy - someone who knows how to behave. Related to 'művelt', but that is more about your knowledge, this is about manners.

    Kulturált viselkedés - good behavior.

    Kulturált hely - nice, clean, agreable place.


    A late comment.

    I have no idea, which novel that sentence was taken from ;-)

    But it sounds to me, that one word was left: the word "interesting" / "érdekes(ek)". If so, either the English as well as the Hungarian sentence have to be adapted with adverbs.


    Hülye egy mondat


    Historical was rejected.


    no, DUO accepted "historical" just now

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