"A víz a pohárban fekete és sűrű."

Translation:The water in the glass is black and thick.

August 10, 2016

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You're sure this is water? Not, like, petroleum?


I love me a good glass of petroleum to start off my day!


Maybe it's to clean the brushes

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"Texas Tea"


The writers here could save themselves and also us learners a lot of time and heartache by spending a few minutes checking out a few alternative options. when writing new words/sentences. Here Sűrű is translated as 'dense' and as far as I can see 'dense' only. I've tried 'thick' 'heavy' 'opaque' etc, etc. without any luck. These words may or may not be accepted in the future, but only after a few 100's of reports have been posted I would imagine. We are still trying to get 'town' as well as 'city' accepted for város 'Boat' as well as 'ship' for hajó 'Hill' as well as 'mountain' for hegy, etc, etc etc. I'm not talking about hours of extra work here just a few minutes at most, to decide what to accept and what not to accept, in order to save so much time and effort further on down the line. Word order yes I'm sure feedback is useful because we can all express a sentence slightly differently, but a few alternative word options?...........


Dense is unusual for a liquid. Thick is better.


don't we measure the density of a liquid?


Not in everyday speech - nor when talking about a glass of water.


Martybet: I am totally with you; it makes me crazy!


Can suru indicate thick as well when we talk about liquid?

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