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"אִילו הייתְ איתי השמש הייתה זורחת."

Translation:If you were with me the sun would shine.

August 10, 2016



The recorded sentence is not clear enough, it was hard for me to understand איתי from the playback. And I am Israeli


Just my opinion: If THIS phrase were pronounced a bit slower it would be easier to learn to pronounce the words correctly...but most of the time the mail voice is very good! (Maybe the female voice could slow down more often too?). I think the most difficult words are the words with two juds after one another. Always unsure how to pronounce them...


Since modern hebrew does away with vowels, it often uses a י or a ו as replacements. So to specify a 'y' sound, sometimes you have to put two yuds יי. For example the difference between עיירה and עירייה

Town - iyara - עיירה

Municipality - iriya - עירייה

You see the Y sound follows the double yud.


Nice example of related words, which have the same letters in כְּתִיב חָסֵר, but עֲיָרָה is pronounced [ayara] by the way.


I totally agree with Mabel. The female voice is very fast and unclear.


Good to know whom to blame for the terrible wheather... :-(


טוֹב לָדַעַת מִי אָשֵׁם בַּמֶּזֶג הָאֲוִויר הַנּוֹרָא


In a constructus formation like weather, you only put the definite article before the second noun: בְּמֶ֫זֶג־הָאֲוִיר


You two are freakin' hilarious! There you guys are again!



Both should be accepted. If you were ( now) the sun would shine / if you had been ( in the past) the sun would have shined.


What a about "If you were with me, the sun would be shining" Would that be correct?


... you are my sunshine, my only sunshine!


אִילּוּ הָיִיתָ אִיתִּי הַשֶּׁמֶשׁ הָיְתָה זוֹרַחַת


הייתה is in the past tense. Therefor " If you were with me the sun would have shined" should also be accepted.


What's the difference between לוּ and אִילו


Well, לוּ and אִלּוּ are synonyms, both used to introduce contrary to fact sentences in a slightle elevated register.

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