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Get rid of red line under words that are "Incorrect"

When I type in English, I spell all the translated words correctly, so no red "wrong spelling" line appears. However in German, my computer assumes that when I type "Isst" or "Apfel" that I am spelling something wrong. I know it is not a big deal, but it does get annoying after a while seeing the red squiggly line pop up under Non-English words. If there was a way to fix it, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

February 3, 2013


[deactivated user]

    That's probably your in-browser spell check, you'll have to find a solution yourself probably. Although, this doesn't happen to me. On Duolingo, Google translate, or even my online math homework I don't get error lines. I don't know how the browser can tell, but when I type something that's not English there are never error lines. I use Firefox, maybe try that.


    I'm on Chrome, I will look into it, thanks :)


    I do not know about Chrome but n Firefox if you right click in the edit window a menu pops up that you can toggle "check spelling" on and off by clicking on it.

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