"Ott várok, ahol te."

Translation:I wait where you do.

August 11, 2016

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"I wait there, where you."

Faulty English again


I presume you've reported it already.

For the benefit of learners of English: "I wait where you do" would be better.


Yes, I did.

Well, it is a bit strange. I did that lesson again ten minutes before by using the Android App again, and that mistake came up.

Now I use the www-version, and the sentence "I wait there where you wait." is accepted.


Maybe this is a kind of zombie sentence.

I've heard before of sentences which course maintainers have deleted or corrected but which keep appearing for some reason. Maybe an Android app problem?


Just saw this on the website so can't be that EDIT: on the website it has now changed


Why is this same sentence in this lesson? It already dominated the previous one...


Is "ahol te" in this sentence really understood as "where you wait?"


Yes. Since the verb is missing in that clause, it refers to the verb of the first clause. You do it in English, too, albeit a bit more rarely and subtly: "I am going where you are (going)."


Is it wrong to say "Ott várok, ahol te vagy"? Is it too redundant?


There we are again with the differences between Hungarian and English. :D
"Ott várok, ahol te vagy" is a proper sentence, but it's not saying what the Hungarian sentence above is saying. It says, "I wait where you are, hang around, right in this moment." (And that's also the first thing I think about when reading the English translation, so I can't blame you.)
"Ott várok, ahol te", on the other hand, uses the same verb for both clauses, so it's actually "I wait where you are waiting", and you can expand it to "Ott várok, ahol te vársz." Using the verb twice is alright, but not necessary.


In English we would use the verb twice. In Hungarian, it seems, prepositions are redundantly used instead.


This was the first question in lesson one!


How are you still getting the website. I can only get the app on my tablet now since hungarian went on the app


If you go on a laptop then you can still use the website


Can this be translated as I am waiting here where you are (and not where you wait)?


Not "here" but "there". Although it sounds a bit off with the continuous form in English, it's alright.


Sometimes Hungarian is so short like steno in writing. :-)


It should be 'I wait where you do'


I wait there where you are. It wasn't accepted so I've reported it but I'm not sure if it was correct to do so.


It's right-ish. The meaning of the Hungarian sentence is "I am waiting where you are waiting". I'm not sure that comes through if you only use "are" in the second clause.


Thanks very much but I am in Hungary travelling and left my laptop at home in Australia!


this is correct.the official answer is completely wrong


How can we know it is I am waiting and not I wait? There is no context.


I agree. It would be easier with a context.


It can be either. But be aware that you cannot translate this sentence as "I wait were you are", because the sentence actually means "I wait where you wait."

"I wait where you are" would be "Ott várok, ahol te vagy."

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