"Nie lubię nosić ciężkich książek."

Translation:I do not like carrying heavy books.

August 11, 2016

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Shouldn't this be nieść? To carry, as opposed to wearing (or carrying in the abstract)?


I'll give you a couple of examples:

  • "Pomóż mi nieść tę walizkę" (Help me carry this suitcase) - you have only one suitcase and it is so heavy that you need someone to help you carry it from point A to point B. It is not a repetitive action; the other person helps you carry the suitcase once, e.g. from the car to your flat.
  • "Pomóż mi nosić te walizki" (Help me carry these suitcases) - let's say you have six suitcases and you ask someone to help you carry them up the stairs. This is a repetitive action; you carry the first two suitcases up the stairs, go back downstairs, carry the next two suitcases up the stairs and so on.
  • "Pomóż mi nosić tę walizkę" (Help me carry this suitcase) - let's say you are a traveling salesman and you have a suitcase filled with things you want to sell. You ask a friend to help you carry this suitcase from house to house. This, again, is a repetitive (or continuous) action; your friend helps you carry the suitcase to the first house, then you try to sell something, then your friend helps you carry the suitcase to the second house, and so on.
  • "Pomóż mi nieść te walizki" (Help me carry these suitcases) - let's say you have four suitcases and you ask someone to help you carry them up the stairs, but this time each person can carry two suitcases so you only have to go upstairs once. This is not a repetitive action.

In phrases such as "Lubię / nie lubię", we use the "repetitive" version:

  • Lubię nosić ... (not nieść)
  • Lubię słuchać ... (not słyszeć)
  • Lubię biegać ... (not biec)


Thank you very much, this is very clarifying.


At which point does a common Polish sentence become a tonguetwister?


Right?! Some one make "ciężkich" easier to say.


The alternate says to carry, but the words available to delect does not include 'to carry'.


I see there was something a bit strange about the way this sentence was put in the Incubator, but still, the puzzles (I understand that this is what you refer to) should show all the words of the default English sentence, which is "I do not like to carry heavy books". If you encounter this problem again, could you provide us with a screenshot?


Will try to remember, thank you for responding.


I got this right, I'm just wondering why this showed up in "Animals 2"?


The sentence is in "Verbs: Modal and Infinitive". It seems that Duolingo came back to an old behavior of sometimes showing you a random sentence from before to keep you on your feet...


„Nosić ciężkich książek" — quite a tongue twister there!

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