"Nie mam pięciu krzeseł."

Translation:I do not have five chairs.

August 11, 2016

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is it also for numbers to be declined the same way as other nouns?


Yes. I'm afraid that numerals are among the most difficult things in Polish.


Also I think so, but it is interesting trying to learn it. Thank you very much for your great Help


She seems to be accenting the second syllable in krzeseł. Does it sound ok?


It doesn't sound ok. In the word "krzeseł" you should stress slightly the first syllable.


I wish there had been notes for this lesson.


What is the diference between pięć (five) and pięciu (five) ?


"pięciu" is Genitive, as needed in this sentence. "mieć" takes Accusative, it's negated here, and negated Accusative results in Genitive.

"pięć" is the basic, Nominative form. And Accusative as well.


If it were not negated, would it be: Mam pięć krzesła. Or: Mam pięć krzeseł.


The latter: Mam pięć krzeseł. "krzeseł" is in Genitive because of "pięć", "pięć (krzeseł)" is in Accusative because of "mam".


Does pięć always go with genitive? Or why is that the case here?


Usually when we talk about a number 'going with' some case, we're considering it 'on its own', as a standalone phrase, outside of a sentence. Things can change if we put it in a sentence.

"pięć", like most numerals, takes Genitive even as a standalone phrase. However, I guess in this sentence it would be better to say that it's in Genitive because of "nie mam".

"trzy" does not take Genitive, let's say it's neutral (term suggested by one of the learners here): it just takes whatever case is needed by the context. So as a standalone phrase it's "trzy krzesła", in Nominative. But here it would be "Nie mam trzech krzeseł" anyway, due to "nie mam". But if the sentence was "I have three chairs", then it's "Mam trzy krzesła", so it's different than "Mam pięć krzeseł" which already has Genitive 'inside' it.


Me when finding out even numbers change case..


cheer up! I give you a lingot!!anyway I will study them well to speak polish understandably

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