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Cervantes Institute level test.

Hi all,

I found this very comprehensive Cervantes Institute placement test: http://ave.cervantes.es/prueba_nivel/default.htm.

It's somewhat long--up to 60 grammar questions plus reading comprehension and listening. The results give a range of levels that you would be able to achieve on the DELE (and appropriate placement in a Cervantes class if you so wish). Because it is from Cervantes, there are some Peninsularisms, if you will, as a warning for those focused completely on American Spanish.

I must say, it is quite comprehensive, and I was delighted with my results. It offered a great boost of confidence as I further plan my Spanish learning.

Give it a try if you are ready to assess your Spanish level.

August 11, 2016



So, what did you get? B1.3-B1.4 for me, after one year with Duolingo. Nice!


Nice! That is very respectable for a year. I have read on here several times that Duolingo gets you to roughly a B1 level, so it seems that your results fit that perfectly.

I'm already quite fluent in Spanish, so I took the test for kicks:

«Según esta prueba, usted puede realizar los niveles C1.3 - C1.4 del AVE. Consulte con su centro para que le sitúen en el curso más adecuado.»

Given your results and my own, I would say the test is a pretty accurate indicator of one's level.


I got that, too--C1.3-C1.4--although I don't consider myself anywhere near fluent. (It was quite a struggle.) But again a great confidence builder.

The test is actually pretty interesting. After I got my initial results, I played around with it. There are different reading and listening sections based on how well you do on the grammar. The initial listening I got was a recording of someone being interviewed over phone on a radio show. I listen to a lot of Spanish language radio, and phone interviews are the bane of my existence.

I'd definitely say B1 would be a great score for someone who has made the most of their Duolingo tree.


B1.1-B1.2. This was cool, thanks for sharing.


No way I'm ready for this now, but I'm definitely saving the link for after I finish my tree.


I've been using Duolingo seriously for about four months now. I got B1.3-B1.4 on the test. Thanks for the link.

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